I’ve been writing. In truth, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. This and that, but I’ve only recently decided I was going to attempt to write something substantial.

I started a piece nearly ten years ago, and I’ve worked on it every so often. Short bursts here and there as new ideas came. I would write a section, then decide I didn’t like that direction and wait until new ideas struck me. I feel like I’m finally nearing the end on this one, and have started going back through and doing some first round edits.

Then two years ago, through several conversations with my kids, I was given some ideas for a story. Focused on middle school readers, it’s an adventure fantasy featuring a brother and sister pair that have faced a childhood of hardship and discovered a strange power that draws them into the unrest threatening their country and the people that should have been protecting them all along.

While it’s not yet finished, we’ve seen magic, revenge, and betrayal in their struggle to find a place they can call home and people that are more family than blood might suggest.